Jes Reyes

Festival Director (2014-2017)

Jes Reyes is an interdisciplinary artist living in St. Paul, Minnesota. She came to Ae as a curatorial intern in 2013, where she helped launch Ae Without Walls. She now co-leads Ae's exhibitions schedule and serves as the founder and Festival Director for the Ae Film Festival.

In 2005, Jes moved to the Twin Cities from Southern California, a year after graduating from California State University, Long Beach with a double major in Women's Studies and Film and Electronic Arts. Jes holds a Master of Liberal Studies degree from the University of Minnesota, with a minor in Museum Studies.

Jes manages Spectrum ArtWorks, a nonprofit visual arts program in the heart of Minneapolis that provides studio space to artists living with mental illness. You can find her at home gardening, writing and editing in her office/studio, or hanging out with her husband and fur children. Read more by following her at