Ae Artist Interview: Adam Dargan


Images courtesty of the artist


It has been over two weeks now since closing our 3rd moving image festival at The Southern Theater. We still can't stop talking about all of the amazing artists we exhibited! Thank you to all of those who participated in the festival and attended the festival events!



One festival event that we are proud of is the short film that came out of Adam Dargan's workshop Cameraless. As one of the festival's Featured Artists, Adam facilitated a two hour workshop that invited individuals interested in experimental filmmaking the opportunity to try it out for themselves. At its roots, the Cameraless workshop encourages exploration of the physical medium. All marks and expressions are valid and have a place on and in the film. Participants were given the opportunity to push the boundaries and explore new techniques. The film was screened on July 29th, 2016. Musician Greg Brosofske created live music to accompany the piece.


Cameraless I created by: Adam Dargan, Cong Hu, Anna Taberko, Sarah Abdel-Jelil, M. Parker Stuart, John Link, Aidan Teppema, Maggie Schuster, Shana Brownell, Marcie Lacerte.


Learn more about Adam in this interview with Festival Director Jes Reyes:


Adam, thank you so much for participating as an Ae Featured Artist for our annual film festival. We were fortunate to have you attend many of the screenings. Did you have any favorite moments or films from the festival? Thank you for allowing me to be part of Ae’s wonderful festival. It was a great experience all around. One of the best moments was having the opportunity to screen a film on 16mm while composer Greg Brosofske created a live musical composition. 



As we embarked on our 3rd season, we wanted to feature artists that were innovative with their approach when creating moving image. How would you describe the unique nature to your work? I work primarily with analog film to explore texture and movement of the medium. Using my knowledge of 3D software I then manipulate these analog images into 3D environments. The combination of analog and digital mediums fascinates me and allows the ability create imagery which unpacks new perspectives on the media we are typically exposed to.


I am interested in your teaching artist practice, as you not only offered a film to screen at the festival but also facilitated a workshop. What motivates you to facilitate “cameraless” workshops? And for those who don’t know: what is “camerless” art? I have been interested in leading workshops for a few years now. I first led a paint-on-film workshop in connection with the Walker Art Center. It was a great experience but due to the number of participants there was not as much hands-on demonstration. The workshop I led during the AE festival gave me the opportunity to work with a smaller group of people which helped create a more curated film. What fascinates me most about the Cameraless workshop is seeing how participants implement their own mark-making techniques.


What is your next step as an artist? Do you have any new projects you are working on? I am currently working collaboratively with Anna Taberko on an upcoming project. We are combining our styles to create a final piece that expresses ideas of change and movement.


What do you want your relationship to be with your local arts community? I want to continue to help spread the techniques of experimental animation and be a resource for those who are interested in it. It would be great to start a small collective that focuses on making experimental animation in the form of music video, cinematic essay, or comedic shorts. There is so much talent in the cities right now and it is great to see the community growing as a result.


Where can we find you online?

You can check me out at and vimeo.

Do follow my daily animation updates, check out my instagram @atomdargan.