Altered Esthetics - Strengthening and Expanding Programming in 2017 - Support Today

Ae Volunteers: Jes Reyes, Jasa McKenzie, and Emily Maple 

Altered Esthetics is a nonprofit community organization run by artists, for artists. Our mission is to sustain the role of artists as a voice in society and work towards fostering an inclusive and sustainable arts community through exhibitions, education and outreach.


Founded in 2004, Altered Esthetics has hosted over 100 group exhibitions, launched a solo exhibitions program for emerging artists, and have brought the work of more than 700 artists to public view - many of whom were sharing their artwork with the public for the very first time. The organization is led by a volunteer-driven board who donate their time to create workshops, exhibitions, and events for artists and the local community.


Ae patron, March 2016, I AM (group exhibition)


Within each annual exhibition season, Altered Esthetics prepares a calendar that works towards creating opportunity and exposure for artists. For example in 2016, Altered Esthetics made our exhibitions and programs accessible to artists of all income levels and exhibited over 125 artists. We also:

Artist Adam Dargan leads "Cameraless" workshop during our 3rd Ae Film Festival

As we move into our next season, our goals for 2017 aim at strengthening and expanding what we have achieved thus far while at the The Southern Theater.


This includes:

  • Maintain our role as an inclusive and sustainable art space that puts artists first

  • Continue educational opportunities focused on career development for artists and emerging arts professionals such as offering our solo exhibitions program, our curatorial internship program, and various public workshops on writing artist statements, resumes, and grant proposals

  • Strengthen our Ae Featured Artist Program for artists who represent our themed group exhibitions through their artwork. This includes:

    • Highlighting the work of 1-3 artists within our group exhibitions through:

      • Promotional features such as interviews and showcasing their artwork within marketing and social media

      • Exhibition fee waivers

  • Continue our exhibition fee waiver for low-income artists

  • Partnering with outside non profit organizations such as The Emily Program Foundation and WARM (Women’s Art Resources of Minnesota) to bring community-focused exhibitions to the West Bank of Minneapolis

  • Re-establish an Ae membership program that focuses on creating access and community

  • Organize and present our 4th Ae Film Festival, highlighting the work of moving image artists

  • Participate in community art events like Northern Spark, the Twin Cities all-night arts festival

  • Studio visits from local arts professionals for Ae artists

  • Continue to strengthen our partnership with The Southern Theater by activating the lobby spaces with an art gallery. Such as:

    • Supporting The Southern’s ARTshare program, presenting as a 2017 resident company

    • Offering quality exhibitions that present work from local, national, and international artists

    • Providing free gallery hours to the public

    • Improving lighting in gallery spaces

    • Collaborating with resident companies to create exhibitions that complement and pair with performances


You can support our 2017 goals by helping us raise funds through GiveMn.


As we move into our 13th year as a local nonprofit art organization and gallery, we ask you to give what you can to Altered Esthetics, all to ensure that we can continue to advocate and create opportunities for artists. As little as $10 helps us literally hang art on the wall! Our goal is to raise at least $2,500!


Artwork from Ashley Adams from Monochromatic (group exhibition, September 2016)


Your tax-deductible donation also encourages the ongoing relationships we aim to build with artists. “It means a lot to me to be able to work and collaborate with a group of inspired working artists, each with a unique voice to contribute. Altered Esthetics identifies each artist in a meaningful and intentional way, stepping into the artist's shoes so as to give the community a peek at their perspective. In addition to showing my work and sharing my process, they have supported my grant writing efforts and we continue to discuss future collaborations,” artist Jen Chilstrom expressed recently about her involvement in three Ae group exhibitions this year. Altered Esthetics is dedicated to supporting emerging artists and increasing arts accessibility in our community.


I ask you now - help us reach our fundraising goals today! Every dollar raised goes towards creating access and opportunity for artists.



Jes Reyes

Festival Director / Board Chair

Altered Esthetics