I AM - Accepted Artists Announced

Altered Esthetics is proud to announce accepted artists for our upcoming self-portrait exhibition. The show opens on March 4, 2016. This exhibition is organized as part of the Guerrilla Girls Twin Cities Takeover. From January to March 2016 the Takeover will include over thirty arts and cultural organizations in Minneapolis/St. Paul and surrounding cities. From small non-profit art centers to major cultural institutions in the region, these partners will be highlighting gender and racial inequalities, taking on stereotypes and hypocrisies, and promoting artistic expression by the often overlooked and underrepresented. Join the collective roar for change at www.ggtakeover.com.

Selecting artwork for the exhibit was difficult as we received well over 100 amazing and meanigful pieces to review. We are sorry we couldn't show all of them. Thank you to all who submitted. Thirty two artists have been selected to exhibit, five of whom are recognized with a Featured Artist award for their promising artwork. And they are:

Accepted artists:

Polly Norman

Jennifer Chilstrom - Featured Artist

Holly Rapoport

Adry Cota

Tramika LaBranche - Featured Artist

D.A. Burbul

Bunny Portia

Lela Horst Baumann

Korky Benson

Bill Crane

Lucy Johnson

Rosemary Perronteau

Wendy Johnson

Soon Wai Wong

John Nelson

Ryan Suckow

Jane Christenson - Featured Artist

Randy Legried

Christi Furnas

Akiko Ostlund

Rayna Hernandez - Featured Artist

Erin Sandsmark

David Langner

Kathryn Halling

Jill Miller

Katelyn Varvel

Katherine Tolene

Kandace Krause

Susan Hensel - Featured Artist

A K Dayton

Angela Davis

Erica Belkholm

Please invite your friends, family, and colleagues to the opening reception on Friday, March 4 from 5-7pm at The Southern Theater by using our Facebook event page.  

Curators: Emily Maple, Jes Reyes, Rosie Brown, and Heather Kim

Curatorial Assistants: Hannah Nemer and Jasa MacKenzie