Jane Christenson: "I am a determined person. I am strong and I'm not disabled in making art."

By Jasa McKenzie / Edited by Jes Reyes / Video shot and edited by Hannah Nemer


Hannah Nemer and Jasa McKenzie meet with Ae Featured Artist Jane Christenson at The Show gallery in St. Paul. Jane shares on camera her artistic process. 


Mean Looking Biker Person, Jane Christenson, Digital Photography

Jane Christensen is a Twin Cities artist. She has recently experimented with self portraiture. Her featured photograph in I AM is one of her first self-depicting pieces. She is portraying a "tough girl" that may not be so tough beneath the surface.

Jane's process is whimsical. She takes on a wide variety of subjects from people, to abstract, to comic art, whenever she feels inspiration. She sketches from images in her imagination and adds different media and color and she goes along. She says, "I just like doing art because it makes you feel good."

Jane is involved in the creative arts program at MSS. MSS (Midwest Special Services, Inc.) Supports adults with intellectual and physical disabilities to help them achieve their full potential.

In addition to AE, her work as also been seen at The Show gallery in Saint Paul. Jane is fond of presenting her work in gallery settings because the visitors viewing her work don't see her as a person with a disability. They simply see her as an artist.

"I am a determined person. I am strong and I'm not disabled in making art."

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