Seeking Board Secretary

Do you have a passion for the arts and experience in nonprofit management, fundraising, grant writing, or finance? Are you interested in serving on the board of an active community-based arts organization? If so, Altered Esthetics may just the right organization to get involved with! Generally, board position terms last from 1-3 years, depending on the needs and desires of the incoming board member. Members generally donate 3-10 hours a week to Ae related tasks. We are seeking a board secretary to manage many important details of the organization! Read below for more info:
Altered Esthetics Board Secretary

The Secretary is a board officer position and shall be responsible for recording and maintaining a record of all Board actions, sending out meeting notices, making available all materials to be used in meetings or other Board actions and maintaining a record of all corporate documents required for recognition as a non-profit, tax-exempt organization operating in the state of Minnesota. The Secretary shall also be responsible for carrying out such other duties as the Board or Chair may from time to time prescribe.


General Description

The function of the Secretary is to organize and compile critical organizational documents, including minutes and paperwork of the board.


Board positions are voluntary. Board members receive no monetary compensation for their services.

Time Commitment

Board members serve three-year terms, roughly scheduled as follows. Year one: training/transition. Year two: development. Year three: recruiting, training and transition to incoming board members.

General Duties

Board members serve for a three-year term, attending monthly board meetings, attending Ae events, and working with artists, volunteers and board members to serve and further Altered Esthetics' Mission.

Specific Duties


  • Track Articles and amend (w/ board) as needed

  • Facilitate Board Chair review

  • Keep Board meeting notes

  • Maintain Board Manual

  • Track Copyright & Creative Commons Licensing

  • Manage Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation

  • Organize general files (hard copy and wiki)

  • Work with Board Chair to send meeting agendas

Interested individuals can email their cover letter and resume. We'd then schedule a meeting to discuss the positions in more detail. You can also email directly with questions about the positions.