Seeking Film Festival Director

Photo credit: Ari Newman

Altered Esthetics (Ae) is a volunteer-driven arts organization located at The Southern Theater in Minneapolis. We provide open spaces for curated art exhibitions and workshops. Our community includes a diversity of artists, mediums and audiences.


Call for Film Festival Director

Over the past ten years, Altered Esthetics has hosted over 100 group exhibitions, launched a solo exhibitions program for emerging artists, and have brought the work of more than 700 artists to public view - many of whom were sharing their artwork with the public for the very first time. Altered Esthetics largest program is the the Altered Esthetics Film Festival, an annual ARTshare event dedicated to the organization’s mission to foster an inclusive and sustainable arts community through exhibitions, education, and outreach. 


The Ae Film Fest is an volunteer-driven arts and cultural event that exhibits and celebrates artists who explore the art of the moving image. Primarily, an experimental media arts festival, works shown expand what we know about the moving image and what the film and video arts can be.


Altered Esthetics is seeking a self-motivated, moving image enthusiast to contribute to the organization and execution of this independent film festival. We are looking for a co-leader with a collaborative and flexible approach, an appreciation for the moving image, and an interest in event programming. Being a filmmaker or video artist is preferred, but not required. The intention of this position is to train in and lead future festival schedules. The start date of this position is March 15,  2017. The current Festival Director’s term expires December 31, 2017 and will be involved in the training and transitionary period. This is an excellent position for an emerging curator/arts professional looking to gain experience and develop or continue a leadership record.

General Position Description:

The function of the Festival Director will be to co-curate, co-lead, and co-manage Altered Esthetics 2017 film festival, an annual ARTshare event of The Southern Theater. This position is a board member position. Altered Esthetics Board of Directors are responsible for the overall governance of the organization. Its duties include developing strategy; creating structure, policies and procedures; assuring responsible fiscal management and adherence to regulations or laws. Each board member, beyond the main officers, are working board members and lead in the development and execution of all aspects of the organization; from exhibitions, educational programming, outreach and publicity efforts. Hours are heavier during the 3 months leading up to the scheduled dates of our film festival.


Board positions are voluntary. Board members receive no monetary compensation for their services.

Co-Festival Director Duties:
Duties include but are not limited to screening submissions, attending regular programming meetings, generating content for Altered Esthetics film fest blog and social media sites, and assisting during the preparation stages and up until and through the event dates: June 1-3, 2017.

In detail:

  • Partner with current Festival Director to join in co-leading the organization and presentation of the 4th Altered Esthetics Film Festival

  • Lead as a liaison between The Southern Theater and Altered Esthetics, updating both organizations where needed to further and maintain partnership

  • Collaborate with Exhibitions Committee to develop and provide updates on festival themes, titles, and descriptions

  • Set submission deadlines, notifying Ae 's Co-Communications Directors with updates and any changes

  • Work with community partners to coordinate screening events during the festival

  • Recruit artists and complete film/video submission reviews

  • Work with Co-Communications Directors to create press release and festival related updates in the general newsletter and within social media sites

  • Coordinate with the Co-Communications Directors on the creation of exhibition posters and promotional materials

  • Notify artists of submission status/acceptance, and update them on festival requirements and screening times

  • Be present during festival screening dates to co-lead in the presentations

  • Contribute to the Altered Esthetics by being present at most of the organization’s openings and exhibition events throughout the year

  • Help keep gallery and theater clean during and after the festival presentations

  • Keep detailed documents, spreadsheets, and online files with contracts and forms

  • Make sure screenings are archived (with photos where possible)

  • Update Treasurer regarding purchases, including managing receipts  

  • Assist with the planning of festival budget

  • Assist with other exhibitions related tasks as needed

  • Work with Governance Board Committee to co-review festival internship application postings and interviews of possible festival interns

Other duties:

  • Frequent use of Google Apps such as Google Docs, Google Calendar, and Google Sites

  • Assist with grant management/writing where needed

Time Commitment:

Festival Directors are expected to a commitment of 3-15 hrs a week as the event festival grows closer (Generally January through June). There is a monthly board meeting in the evening. The Director must be highly available for evenings and weekends during the course of the film festival event dates.  Generally, the film festival requires program planning throughout the year, but time for this is held at the discretion of the Festival Director. This includes recruiting artists for the event and coordinating with The Southern Theater.

In addition, board members serve three year terms, roughly scheduled as follows: YEAR ONE: training/transition; YEAR TWO: development; YEAR THREE: recruiting, training and transition to incoming board members. Depending on the position, board members donate three to fifteen hours a week towards Altered Esthetics tasks, meetings, events, and/or activities.

To apply for Co-Director position, please send the following information in PDF format to:

Subject Line: Application for Festival Director

Deadline is February 13, 2017

  • Cover Letter

  • Resume

  • Answer the following questions:

    • Why are you interested in co-leading a film and video festival with Altered Esthetics?

    • What is your background in film and video? Are you an artist?

    • What kind of curatorial experience do you have?

    • The time you will be giving to the festival is volunteer-based. What other volunteer experience have you done before?

    • Please share any other important and relevant information about yourself that you feel would make you a good fit for this particular leadership role.

    • Lastly, what are the last 3 films/videos you have watched? What did you think of them?